Unlock the power of real cash back for your debit card holders with CardCash. Our discerning banking partners expect superior rewards for their account holder, so when you're ready to move beyond points and merchant funded digital coupons, it's time to learn more about CardCash.

Let us show you the interchange fee income opportunity within your debit card portfolio.

How It Works Increase Fee Income for Your Institution

CardCash is the only debit card rewards platform specifically engineered for exempt issuers with less than $10B in assets. This distinction is important in several ways. It means CardCash is designed to set your debit card program apart from the competition in ways that are meaningful to your existing account holders and responsible to your financial institution’s bottom line. In the battle to win the heart, mind and wallet of your debit card holder, cash back comes out on top. In fact, Bankrate.com concluded that account holders strongly prefer cash back awards for card spend vs. reward points or merchant funded rewards. At the same time, CardCash increases non-PIN interchange fee income for the issuer.

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